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Wild Gals of the Naked West
Starring Julie Williams

1965       Directed by Russ Meyer

WILD GALS of the NAKED WEST is a hilarious parody on the Hollywood Western Movie - very carefully examining and making great capital of all the old tired and worn clichés that have been so much a part of sage brush sagas.

For the first eight minutes of the movie, the audience is treated to an exciting display of the old west, told, not with the aid of actors . . - but instead with abstractions and symbolism . . - symbolism in the form of striking geography and rugged terrain; thrilling land, sky, and sea configurations; augmented by stirring sound and musical accompaniment. A case in point . . General George Custer's Last Stand at the Battle of Little Big Horn is excitingly illustrated; and the famous gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona is imaginatively reproduced with the motion picture camera, itself, taking the place of the western gunman. We investigate the ghost towns of the west contrasting them with the metropolises of the present; considering why one town might

die, so to speak, and another prosper. This eventually leads us to our story teller, a grizzled "old-timer", and the story, as he tells it, of his town and how it died - - - a town so evil that it didn't have a name!

With the foregoing, the stage has been set, and the film begins to unravel its story. It deals with the ever-present "shoot-down", brutal fist fights, prostitution, bullies tormenting the weak, ruffians, women of easy virtue, but always with a tongue-in-cheek attitude; everything is played for its comedic value. Distortion, both in interpretation and direction as well as photography, is the rule. The stage is set further with the introduction of the key villain "Snake Wolf", and his girl friend "Goldie Nuggets". Snake is the epitome of evil, while Goldie is the essence of physical beauty. Surrounding them are their minions; the dregs of humanity . - - cruel men and their voluptuous women!

Into this cesspool of life rides our would-be hero. Not the usual hero normally connected with the typical Hollywood Western movie, but, instead, a man just barely 5 ft. tall, and riding a burro! He is dressed neatly, in the mode of the day, and he is clean. Our hero, as the film proceeds appears to be unaffected by matters that surround him; lavish displays of cruelty and sex dismay him not . . . he minds his own business, and expects everyone else to act accordingly. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon how one might look at it, our hero incurs the wrath of the heavy Snake Wolf, simply because his girl friend displays an uncommon interest in the little man, Unceremoniously, our little man is picked up by the scruff of his neck, and thrown, bodily, out of the saloon into the dusty western street. True to form, at the outset in practically every Hollywood western movie, evil triumphs over goodness, and our little pathetic would-be hero trudges back to the hotel amid the raucous laughter, and taunting insults heaped upon him by the evil on-lookers.

But true to form again, all must be just and proper before the curtain rings down. Our hero returns amid a ringing clash of cymbals, this time attired in the outlandish mode of the Hollywood cowboy hero! Needless-to-say, we take a little license here. His ten-gallon hat is powder blue, the suit a brilliant orange, purple boots with a big "diamond" on each toe, and last but by far least, a pistol that is three (3) ft. long! Of course, he dispatches the villain Snake Wolf, but not in the customary way. Instead, his gun firing an ominous charge, blows the clothing off the villain, reducing him to his ugly long red underwear. Needless-to-say, Snake Wolf beats a hasty retreat in abject terror. Immediately following this, our diminutive hero proceeds to clean up the town from stem to stern, and in a very business like manner, to the "god-like" worship of the heroine, Goldie Nuggets.

Like any other good western, we have the conventional ending, with more than a few embellishments. The hero and the heroine, accepting the plaudits of the crowd, climb the stairs to everlasting bliss, illustrated with the aid of the beauty of nature all played to the accompaniment of the classical piece of music "The Ride of the Valkyries"!

The picture could certainly end on this note, but does not. Once again we return to the 'old-timer" who too is rewarded in a very fruitful and amusing manner.

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Wild Gals of the Naked West

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