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The Naked Wytche


Strange adventures befall a young couple (Heinz and Gretel), who plan to spend the weekend camping in the country. After finding a suitable camping site in the seclusion of the forest, the young man wastes no time in trying to take advantage of his attractive girl friend. His amorous advances are interrupted by the appearance of Helga, the seductive landowner. The couple are surprised to learn that they are trespassing, and even more surprised when Helga with other thoughts in mind invites them to be her guests at her beautiful castle-like home.

After exploring all the rooms in the storybook type house, the two guests are invited to choose their bedrooms. Gretel refuses to share her bedroom with Heinz, much to the amusement of their hostess. After retiring to their rooms, the persistent swain decides to climb along the ivy covered walls to Gretel's bedroom, only to be refused entry. The hazardous venture ends with Heinz losing his footing and falling from the bedroom into a cartload of fertilizer. His sudden descent disturbs

the lovemaking activities of two of the lesser sophisticated members of the household who occupy the ground floor rooms. The two household servants (Fritz and Gertrud) are not over pleased when Heinz, smothered in the powdered fertilizer and unable to see, gropes his way into the bedroom where the unclothed lovers are about to indulge in their nightly sexercises. The unfortunate intruder is quickly removed and doused under a pump in the yard.

The following day, Helga takes her guests to a beautiful lake at the edge of the forest. Heinz is dumbfounded when the two girls decide to swim in the nude, he quickly undresses and follows them. After the swim the trio explore other parts of the forest and he finds himself becoming more than infatuated with the beautiful and witchlike Helga. Gretel begins to see the seductive hostess for what she is, and becomes more suspicious when she introduces more -activities in the nude.

Fearful of losing her boyfriend, Gretel decides to compete with her rival, by inviting Heinz to come to her bedroom and spend the night with her. Unfortunately her plans are thwarted by the almost nude temptress who waylays the would be Romeo, and invites him into her own boudoir to spend the night with her. Meanwhile Gretel waits in her room believing that Heinz is playing hard to get.

The following morning the two girls go off riding, Heinz finds that he has been left sleeping. Fritz saddles a horse for him, and Heinz who has no talents for horsemanship rides off to find the girls. He gets thrown and hopelessly lost in the forest, returning bock late that night dejected and weary. Gretel has become concerned at the absence of her companion, and when he finally gets back she insists that they leave the following morning.

Helga has other ideas and further designs on Heinz's manly charms, and while Gretel is packing she invites him to go for a drive in her beautiful white Rolls Royce. Heinz cannot resist either his seductive hostess, or the opportunity to drive the luxurious car. Once in the forest Helga instructs him to stop the car and drive in the nude in preparation for a lovemaking session that is to follow. They stop at a clearing in the forest where she disrobes and their passionate lovemaking in the sumptuous car follows. Unknown to them they are being watched by a class of schoolchildren, who are being instructed in the wonders of natural history. The students are quickly removed when the teacher notices that his class is studying natural history of another kind.

While Gretel waits for the return of Heiga and Heinz, Fritz invites her to see the horses in the stables, and then attempts to rape her. This activity is brought to a sudden conclusion by the arrival of Gertrud, who knocks him unconscious with a rake.

Much to Gretel's annoyance the departure is delayed for another night, because of the late return of Heinz and Helga from the forest. That night Heinz is tormented by a dream wherein he sees himself under the spell of Helga the beautiful witch. She promises him that he will experience the pinnacle of ecstasy if he will comply with her wishes. He is a captive in a cage which is surrounded by jungle beasts. He must make love to her in the nude before the animals to excite their jungle instincts. The dream changes and Heinz finds that he has the witch at his mercy and tortures her to make her lift the spell and release him from her seductive hold over him.

When Heinz awakens the following morning, he realizes that Helga's real intention is to keep him there as her lover, and to destroy the real love that exists between the young couple. Heinz's love for Gretel triumphs over the infatuation for Helga and the spell is broken. The seductress is shown as the witch that she is, and her beauty and powers are lost forever.

The young couple, happy in their realization of their love far each other, drive away to find a place where they can make love with no one else to deter them.

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The Naked Wytche

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Helga the Witch .......................... Barbara Kingered
Gretel .......................... Francy Fair
Heinz .......................... Dagobert Waiter
Fritz .......................... Herbert Fux
Oscar .......................... Karl Dali
Gertrud .......................... Rainer Basedow

Producer .......................... Hans Jurgen Pohiand
Direction .......................... F. J. Gottlieb
Cameraman .......................... Petrus Schioemp
Music .......................... Attila Zoller
Script .......................... F. J. Gottlieb, Heinz Freitag

Filmed In Eastmancolor

Prints by Pacific Film Industries Inc. Hollywood

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