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Naked Under Leather
Girl on a Motorcycle


Naked Under Leather which opened in 1968, stars France's Alain Delon and Britain's Marianne Faithfull. The lyrical love drama promises to be one of the year's most provocative and disturbing films.

Written by Jack Cardiff and Ronald Duncan from the prize-winning novel by Pieyre de Mandiargues, the Technicolor flint introduces Marianne Faithfull in the dazzling co-starring role of a young girl inextricably involved with Delon, as her lover, whose savage sexual attraction imprisons her in a world of erotic fantasy. Jack Cardiff also directed the film. His illustrious work as a leading director of photography has earned him a reputation as one of the world's most glittering film talents. Dressed throughout by Lanvin, Miss Faithfull's most unusual costume is a one-piece, skin-tight black leather riding suit, lined with white fur, which she wears for sequences in which she rides a powerful 1207cc. motorcycle. She was tutored in control of the motorbike by riding expert-stuntman Roy Wiffiri. Cardiff was drawn to the subject, he notes, by the visual potential of the story, threaded into

a melange of fantasy and realistic images, and by the psychological intricacies of the three main characters: the girl, her lover, and her husband who is played by British actor Roger Mutton. Ultimately, each stands alone, facing personal desires and weaknesses. Delon, best known for his "young seducer" roles, realizes a long-held ambition to play a subtler, more mature role with his characterization of the lover. With some 20 starring roles already to his credit, Delon feels that Naked Under Leather will lead to an expanded career, with greater maturity of expression.

After playing Vanessa Redgrave's brother in Tony Richardson's "Charge Of The Light Brigade," Cornish-born Roger Mutton, age 29, gets a second big break with his role of Miss Faithfull's husband. Six weeks of location filming for Naked Under Leather encompassed the sports center of Aux Fiablerets, at an altitude of 9000 feet. Chosen for its early October snow. the Swiss locale offered challenging obstacles to the Unit, struggling some three miles thnsugh knee-high snow to film sequences with the cast and ski champion Willy Favre and the National Ski Team of Switzerland. Away from the high altitude, other sequences were filmed under less arduous conditions in Heidelberg, Germany. There, a glassed-in summerhouse formed the lovely setting for many love scenes between Alain Delon and Marianne Faithfull.

"If St. Peter were alive today he'd he in the movie business," states Marianne Faithfull, star of Naked Under Leather a Warner Bros. Film.

The blonde 24-year-old actress has a talent for provocative conversational openers that has established her as one of England' most forcefully outspoken personalities. "St. Peter used to talk about the basic things of life," notes Marianne, "hut today people seek abstract things like pop music and television, and I believe he'd have gone where the scene was."

Marianne's pattern of individualistic thinking stems from her father, a philologist and university lecturer. "He's so brilliant that it was difficult to find much in common with him when I was younger. It's easier now since he finds me more interesting because I'm trying to work things out for myself," she says. Daughter of two strong personalities, Marianne was essentially alone during her formative years at a convent school after her parents separated. Thus, rebellion came easily to her as a schoolgirl. At 14, her desire to learn Greek (and avoid the standard course of Latin) was so intense that she stood her ground until a teacher was brought into the convent to give her individual lessons. Fighting for her personal convictions has since become a way of life for Marianne, who says, "I am certain that if I want something badly enough, I can get it. Everyone should fight to get the things he wants. You just can't let yourself he pushed around."

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