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Last Tango in Acapulco

1970       Becky Sharpe

When Susan was two years old, her mother died. Her father, Joe Limel, needed a babysitter and Gloria, a teenager, got the job.

Susan's father meets Silvia, Gloria's mother, and they start living together. Silvia drank all the time while Joe was at work. When Susan grew up she did all the housework under the command of her stepmother and stepsister, who didn't care for her at all.

Susan manages to be a good student in spite of her heavy housework. Then Gloria leaves home. Susan's father has acquired the habit of drinking from Silvia, who doesn't love either him or Susan. Silvia also leaves.

One day Susan arrives home from school and finds her father unconscious and drunk, with the gas escaping from the stove in the small apartment. Susan saves her father.

Joe is always late for work and drunk, and blames this condition on his lack of a sexual companion. Even though Silvia was not good, she was relief to him. He confides to his

daughter that he masturbates, and because the girl has had sexual education in school she understands this to be a normal adult practice. She is surprised when her father asks her to masturbate him. Susan is called by her drunk father, who rapes her. Susan cries but understands that there is little she can do because she loves her father.

Susan discovers that she is pregnant and goes to a State Agency for advice. Later on, she gets an abortion. This leaves a mental scar on her.

Her father loses his job and they are in a terrible economical situation in which the girl has to take everything of value to the pawn shop Her father is constantly drunk.

The owner of the pawn shop offers Susan only $3.00 for a stereo but will give her $15.00 if she lets him play with her. Susan leaves the place to tell her father about the advance of this repulsive man. Joe persuades Susan to take the $15.00.

Susan is forced by necessity to fornicate with several men & women who offer her pay. She has to do this in order to support her father, who is by now a chronic alcoholic. Susan has to satisfy her drunk father sexually and he becomes her pimp.

Step by step Susan learns that her sexual favors are worth more and more money and she comes up into a higher-paying clientele. She meets a furniture store owner, Mr. Stone, who gives her a round trip ticket to Acapulco He is going to attend a 4-day dealers' convention in Mexico City and extends this event to a week to spend 3 days with Susan in Acapulco.

Susan travels ahead on the plane and meets Miguel Torres, a young, and extremely handsome bull fighter, who invites her to his villa in Acapulco. Susan explains to him that she is going to Acapulco to meet another man. This situation obstructs the beginning of a nice relationship with Miguel

Mr. Stone calls Susan in Acapulco and explains that his wife is joining him so he cannot see her. Susan is free now to call Miguel and the two young people have an idyllic romance in the paradisiacal surroundings of fabulous Acapulco.

At the same time, in Los Angeles, Susan's father is assassinated by a drunken companion who steals $14.00. The brutal stabbing of her father is communicated to Susan by the police.

Susan and Miguel have a strong, bad premonition concerning Susan's return to Los Angeles, but there is nothing she can do about her obligation to attend her father's funeral. Susan promises to return to Miguel. But in Los Angeles she is arrested by the vice squad who found proof of prostitution in Susan's mail to her father. Susan is convicted and serves two months.

When she is released she goes directly to Acapulco to see Miguel, the man she loves so much, to find him badly wounded. He has been gored in his sexual organs and begs Susan to return to the United States and be happy without him. Susan assures Miguel that she doesn't care for sex; she loves him and wants to stay with him. Miguel answers that if she doesn't obey him he will lose his life in the bull ring.

Susan wanders around the streets of Acapulco. She does not know whether or not to tell Miguel that she is pregnant. She is afraid Miguel will attempt to take his life. Susan decides to confide in "the impresario", Miguel's best friend. Impresario also fears for Miguel's life and persuades Susan to give up her child when born in order to save Miguel's life Impresario reassures Susan of the pride of Miguel and because he can no longer perform as a man, he does not want her, for the moment, but time will correct this.

Susan leaves Acapulco promising to have her child and give it up as soon as it is born.

Susan suffers a breakdown.

She lives the fantasy that Miguel is making love to her in every client she is with. Susan is escorted by the richest and most powerful men in America. She is the best of prostitutes because she is not faking, she does it for real. Susan knows the plushest apartments on the Eastside of New York, the most luxurious hotels in Miami Beach, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas. She loves her wealthy protectors.

Time and the fact that she has earned a tremendous amount of money, tax free, gradually bring her mind around from her illusions. She reacquires her sense of reality, when she receives a letter from Miguel begging her to return.

Susan realizes that she has had all the sex she ever wants and knows that two Miguels are waiting for her in her Acapulco villa. Miguel has a 6-year-old son and is very happy. He waits for Susan to join him. Susan goes to them for a happy normal life.

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Last Tango in Acapulco

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