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Ilsa 2: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

1976       Dyanne Thorne

Teaser Storyline for "ILSA: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks"

The place . . . an oil rich sheikdom in Arabia. The time . . . Now. ILSA, the SHE WOLF OF THE S.S. is back , more vicious and brutal than ever. This time she is the harem keeper to the insatiable lusts of Sheik Hakim, known as the El Sharif, a wealthy and chillingly cruel oil lord. Ilsa, with her two black assistants, Satin and Velvet, arrange and execute the kidnappings of well known international beauties for use in his private harem. Here she is the teacher and vicious taskmaster of the kidnapped girls. Here with the threat of torture she forces the terrified girls to obey and submit to the erotic desires of her brutal employer.

The kingdom is suddenly disturbed by the imminent arrival of Dr. Kaiser, the famous American diplomat who is coming to persuade the Sheik to release more oil to the West. Accompanying him is Adam Scott, Kaiser's Naval Attaché and personal aide, who in

reality is a top agent for the secret service. He is determined to release the oil by any means should Dr. Kaiser's diplomacy fail.

El Sharif, fearing that the kidnapped girls will be discovered and he would be exposed to the world, orders Ilsa to sell them off at a slave auction. For many of the girls this means plastic surgery to hide the violent excesses of El Sharif's lovemaking. While these preparations take place, Satin and Velvet discover the presence of Adam's female undercover agent in the harem. Employing ancient Arabian torture devices, they force her to reveal Adam's intentions. Ilsa, forewarned, plans to beat him at his own game.

Kaiser and Adam arrive. After the preliminary talks, a huge banquet is held in the diplomat's honour. Here the sheik demonstrates to Kaiser his absolute authority by publicly cutting off the hand of a suspected thief. After the feast, Ilsa and Adam's confrontation takes on sexual overtones as they retire to her bedroom. Ilsa, fully confident of her amourous ability, finds herself becoming more and more infatuated with Adam as she succumbs to his incredible sexual prowess.

The next day Kaiser leaves, his talks having failed. Adam urged by Ilsa, asks to stay on for a few more days. The sheik, suspecting Ilsa's love for Adam, orders her to kill him. That evening there is an assass nation attempt on the sheik. The assassin is apprehended and once again El Sharif's justice is shown to be quick and brutal as the assassin is doused with oil and set on fire.

El Sharif decides to eliminate a rival sheik who he feels is too friendly with the Americans, by sending his favourite harem girl to him as a peace offering. Treacherously he has Ilsa secret an explosive device inside the girl which will explode at the height of their greatest passion destroying both of them.

While these preparations are taking place El Sharif again orders Ilsa to kill Adam. She agrees, but warns Adam instead. As he prepares to escapethe sheik accompanied by the palace guard burst into Ilsa's room and take both of them prisoner. Adam is placed in a yoke, his head in a cage, connected to another cage of venemous tarantulas. In one hour the connecting door will open and Adam will be dead. As punishment for her disobedience, Ilsa is abused and raped by the village beggar . . . a horrible leper. Thus humiliated, she is released to continue her duties.

Ilsa vows revenge. With Satin and Velvet, she organizes and arms the eunuchs and harem girls for an uprising. While her two black amazons begin the battle, Ilsa, in a race against time, frees Adam seconds before the first tarantula can reach him. As they rush to join the now raging battle, Ilsa reveals the palace's darkest secret. Held captive like an animal in a dank hole in the dungeon, is a young boy, the son of El Sharif's brother. His father was slain by El Sharif so that he could take power. it is the boy who is the rightful heir to the kingdom. Ilsa, with Adam's help, plans to install him on the throne and manipulate the kingdom through him .

After heavy fighting the sheik is taken captive. Ilsa fighting alongside Adam is victorious. During the ceremonies for the young sheik she promises the harem girl with the bomb inside her, her freedom if she can make love to the now bound and gagged sheik . …

Item Details:
1-Sheet Folded

Ilsa 2: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

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CAST of "ILSA: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks"

ILSA ......................... Dyanne Thorne
ADAM .......................... Mike Thayer
EL SHARIF .......................... Victor Alexander
SATIN .......................... Tanya Boyd
VELVET .......................... Marilyn Joy
KAISER .......................... Wolfgang Roehm

Credits for "ILSA: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks"

Director .......................... Don Edmonds
Producer .......................... William J. Brody
Scenario .......................... Langton Stafford

Running time 89 mins. Color

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