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Blackmailed Wives


Blackmailed Wives is a motion picture that brings to the screen an exposť of the world's oldest profession. It is a tantalizing story of a ruthless man who uses unsuspecting housewives to exploit his business and also his own fetish way of enjoying his sexual desires. After using an unscrupulous method in which to blackmail the unsuspecting housewife, he forces her to become his relenting slave, using her as a prostitute to gain him wealth and also using her for his own pleasures. The motion picture Blackmailed Wives welcomes to the screen many new and talented people from the Stage, Screen, Television and Radio World who are making their debut in Art Films.
Our story begins when Mrs. Mason, a contended housewife, notices an ad in the newspaper seeking housewives with nice figures who would like to earn extra money in their spare time modeling swim suits, clothes etc. After being married for twelve years and still having a nice figure, Mrs. Mason decided to answer the advertisement. After gaining an interview with Mr.

Chaney, she is informed during the meeting that another model, who resembles Mrs Mason, has become sick and they offer Mrs. Mason a job that very same day - she immediately accepts. While changing into her swim suit, a male model comes in and starts kissing her. Unbeknown to Mrs. Mason, pictures are being taken of this incident.

The male model begs her pardon, explaining how he though it was the other model who was sick that day. A few days later, she is called for another job by Mr. Chaney, but instead of employment, she is shown the pictures. Mr. Chaney informs her that if she will have an affair with Lloyd, he will give her the pictures and the negatives. She refuses at first, but then decides to have the affair. A few days later, she is called to come to the office under pretense that they had not given her all of the pictures and negatives. She rushes right down to get them and is confronted with the film of her affair with Lloyd. She is told that she is to become a prostitute on Monday and
Wednesday from noon till 4 P. M. or else they will show the picture to her husband. She becomes a whore.
Mrs. Cole, another unsuspecting housewife, tells how she was forced into a life of prostitution when Mr. Chaney used this scheme of intimidation on her. We relive, with Mrs. Cole, her first encounter as a prostitute. We are shown her anxiety and the paces she is put through by Chaney's gang to make sure she will be a pleasing girl for the customers they send to her.
When Mr. Chancy decides he wants all his girls, for his own pleasure, he summons all of them to his mansion for a big sex orgy. During this wild orgy, Mr. Chaney notices that one of the girls has not arrived on time. Mr. Chaney has a fixation against being late. When Lily finally arrives, Mr. Chancy goes berserk and tries to force Lily to commit homosexual acts with one of the girls. When Lily refuses, Mr. Chancy beats her up and then rapes her. When he finishes raping her, he again attacks her, beating her into unconsciousness. Lloyd and Fred finally pull him off her and call the emergency hospital. The police are called in and the Chaney mob is arrested.

Running Time: 63 Minutes

Item Details:
Pressbook 12x10 single-sided folded

Blackmailed Wives

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