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Alter of Lust


Abraxas Productions Presents
The Alter of Lust

Viveca Hansen is a young, beautiful German girl living in. Europe. Her mother has died and she is forced to live on her stepfather's luxurious country estate in the mountains of Austria. As the film opens we see young Viveca troubled and distraught, lying on a psychiatrist's couch. This is no ordinary psychiatrist. He is the darling of the young, rich society girls that frequent analysts in this country.
He is unscrupulous, and seems not to care that this young girl, besides having a great deal of money, also has very real emotional problems. She begins to tell the doctor about her past life and what prompted her to come to this country. One day, soon after her mother's funeral she found herself walking through the forest on what had been her mother's estate. Suddenly she felt that someone was watching her and turning she saw her stepfather-cruel, vicious and leering.

Without any warning and with depraved, lustful eyes, this man attacked her

in the middle of the woods. He used her body wantonly and sadistically. She must submit or be beaten, without mercy. After her stepfather had used her sexually, Viveca explains, she lay on the ground bleeding, weeping and also thinking.

She decided that she must leave this place because this sadistic man could use her again at any time. With the money that her mother had left her she has come to New York to seek both her salvation and the love that had been denied to her for so long.

We feel her excitement as this young immigrant girl finds her way in the big city. Viveca explains to the doctor that even with her money and every luxury she has always Jacked Jove-but, one beautiful day in Central Park she finds what she had been looking for. She meets a handsome young man, Don Hastings. We follow the course of their love as they gaze at each other in idyllic raptures. They profess their love for each other as they make love on the soft, green grass. Their love knows no bounds and they make love in the open air, in the shower, in bed. Their passion is endless. But, one day, after they had been living together on Viveca's money, Viveca returns home to find Don in bed with another girl, Marie. Viveca is appalled and aghast but Marie takes the whole scene in her stride and asks Viveca to join them.

Feeling that Don might not love her anymore if she didn't, Viveca acquiesces and loins them. Marie, always interested in something new, finds Viveca exciting and concentrates on arousing her.

She succeeds. Viveca is dismayed-she is enjoying this other girl and has no interest in Don. Because of this, her first inkling that something is wrong, she is seeking the professional help of a psychiatrist.

Viveca continues her story explaining that after Marie had finished Don came over and made love to her just to show her that it was all in good fun. He explains to her that this was normal behavior for rich, young Americans. He tells Viveca that she is too introverted and that she must break out of her shell.
He invites her to a party where she might possibly overcome her inhibitions. Viveca tells the doctor that they went to a "hippie" pad where people were smoking pot and being free and uninhibited with each other. She felt rather uncomfortable until a beautiful, young girl, Linda, approached them. Viveca explains that she immediately felt that same strong feeling that she had had with Marie and uncontrollably got up to dance with Linda. As they danced she became more and more aroused until eventually she found herself making passionate love on the floor with this girl in front of the rest of the people. Looking over towards Don she found him glaring and jealousy wishing to retaliate. He began flirting with a belly dancer who had been hired for the party. The dancer seduced him and the two of them were soon on the couch making love to each other. Viveca explains that while she felt depraved she couldn't help being aroused and sexually excited by her female lover.

The next day she walked around New York trying to think and found herself in front of Linda's building, the girl from the party. Hesitatingly she went in and found herself being warmly greeted by Linda. The two girls find their attraction for each other has not diminished and Linda, makes passionate love to Viveca. Viveca explains to the doctor that her self control had completely vanished and she gave herself with wild abandon to this virtually unknown girl. As Linda concentrates on various parts of Viveca's body, they both become more and more aroused. Viveca stares into Linda's rapturous face as she holds it between her hands with great love and affection.

Viveca has finished her story and we cut back to the present, in the psychiatrist's office. He thinks for awhile and stares rather lustily at Viveca's body. With an impulsive gesture he rises and sits next to Viveca on the couch, caressing her body. Viveca is a little taken aback, but the doctor reassures her, telling her that he is going to try some unorthodox therapy. He makes love to her on the couch but Viveca, no longer finding men attractive doesn't respond-until she reaches down for the doctor's head and holds it between her hands. She hallucinates and miraculously the doctor's face turns into that of Linda's. Seeing this Viveca becomes empassioned and gives herself to the doctor passionately, thinking that it is Linda.

Item Details:
Pressbook 9x16 single-sided folded

Alter of Lust

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Erica Landers
Charles Lamont
Julia Shea

Directed by ................. Roberta Findlay

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