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1965       Ursula Andress

Adventure, fantasy, spectacle and romance are the ingredients of one of the world's most famous novels, H. Rider Haggard's She which has been brought to the screen in a sumptuous Seven Arts-Hammer production in CinemaScope and color, presented by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The fascinating story of a 2,000-year-old white queen of an African kingdom who finds in a contemporary Englishman the reincarnation of the lover She had killed in ancient Egypt has enthralled readers ever since its publication in 1886 and has remained a perennial best-seller throughout the world, with a sale of 83 million copies printed in 44 languages.

In the film, the role of Queen Ayesha, the dreaded She-who-must-be-obeyed, is enacted by one of the screen's most beautiful new stars, Ursula Andress, who made a terrific impact opposite Sean Connery in "Dr. No." The role of Leo, the young English adventurer who falls under Ayesha's spell, is enacted by John Richardson, a handsome, blond six-foot-two newcomer making an auspicious film debut. Other principals are Peter Gushing, Bernard Cribbins, Rosenda Monteros, Christopher Lee

and Andre Morell.

Here is the story of She in brief: In 1918, in Palestine, Leo meets the beautiful Ayesha, who gives him a ring and a map which will guide him across the Desert of Lost Souls and through the Mountains of the Moon to her city of Kuma and to all the power, riches and love he has ever dreamed of - by her side. Together with an English professor, Holly, and a batman, Job, Leo sets out to cross the desert in search of Kuma. Fighting treacherous tribes and unbearable heat, motivated by different reasons and haunted by the image of what awaits them, they are on the point of collapse but on the verge of death are saved by the slave girl, Ustane, who leads them to Ayesha. The latter now explains to Leo that he is the reincarnation of a beloved man for whom She has waited 2,000 years. In Kuma there is a flame which is the source of eternal life. Leo is offered immortality and has to choose between eternal life or death. His choice and what follows will not be revealed here in order not
to rob the thrilling climax of its suspense.

Seldom has a motion picture offered such unique and spectacular adventures as that unfolded in She There is an early desert sequence in which Leo and his fellow Englishmen fall into an Arab ambush. There is a frightening sequence in which Leo is barely saved from being hacked to death by African tribesmen. Another gripping sequence is that in which a jealous Ayesha has the slave girl, Ustane, imprisoned in a huge cage and lowered into a volcanic pit, pitilessly watched by the Queen seated on her golden throne, magnificent in her peacock robes and Eagle's crown. There is a tumultuous battle between tribesmen and soldiers in the awesome underground caverns of Kuma. And there is the climactic episode in which Ayesha defies Leo to plunge a jeweled dagger into her heart. It all makes for marvelous escapist and adventurous motion picture entertainment.

Produced by Michael Carreras, She was directed by Robert Day from a screen play by David Chantler. James Bernard composed the film's haunting musical score.

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AYESI-IA .......................... URSULA ANDRESS
LEO VINCEY .......................... JOHN RICHARDSON
MAJOR HOLLY .......................... PETER CUSHING
JOB BERNARD .......................... CRIBBINS
USTANE .......................... ROSENDA MONTEROS
BILLALI ........................ CHRISTOPHER LEE
HAUMEID .......................... ANDRE MORELL

Produced by Michael Carreras.
Directed by Robert Day.
Screen Play by David Chantler.
Based on the novel by H. Rider Haggard.
In CinemoScope ond Technicolor.
Music Composed by James Bernard.
Musical Supervisor: Philip Martell.
Choreography by Christyne Lawson.
Associate Producer: Aida Young.

A Seven Arts-Hammer Production.

Presented by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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